Site Contract Solutions

Smooth and good quality site agreement negotiations are crucial for the success of a clinical trial. read more

Other Legal Support

Salvius Legal is able to provide other legal and strategic services. read more

Contract management, and other legal support

Site Contract Solutions

Data Protection Compliance

Other Legal Support

  • Performance issues sites or vendors

    As soon as performance issues arise with your contractors, it can prevent or limit your company’s liabilities if you obtain proper strategic and legal advice at an early stage. Salvius Legal can assist in the assessment of your company’s risk management tools and offer practical legal solutions in difficult situations

  • Legal representation

    Many regions and countries have specific requirements with respect to local legal representation when performing a clinical trial. Salvius Legal is able to advice on legal representation requirements across the globe

  • Change Order dispute resolution

    Change Order disputes can be a time-consuming and therefore costly exercise, causing frustration for the operational teams and a potential delaying factor for the trial progress. Therefore, proper strategic advice and support for change order dispute resolution can pay off financially, and put the collaboration and synergy between the parties back on track

  • Intellectual Property

    For companies in the life science industry, protection of intellectual property of their product and related inventions is crucial for the continuance of their company. Salvius Legal is able to advice with respect to how to protect these rights in the Sponsor-CRO and clinical trial agreements

  • Publication and authorship rights

    When performing a multi-country study, it is important to realize the country-specific differences with respect to legal compliance, but certainly also with respect to the acceptability of a publication policy by the investigators, who wish to ensure the scientific validity of their publication. However, as owner of the clinical trial data, your company also wishes to protect certain confidentiality and property interests. Salvius Legal is able to assist with the development of a publication policy for your company, addressing both the concerns of your company and the investigators in your clinical trial agreements, at a general level and on a per country basis